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Shahla Armin

I thank you to take your time visiting my profile and my exhibition. The price of artworks in Festive Art web site is my special offer.
Shahla Armin


Born: 1960/01/01 Tehran, Iran‎

Education: 1978-1981 As a free student at Beaux Arts in Paris-France

Group Exhibitions:‎

International Exhibition, Azad University Tehran, Iran‎ ‎1995
Tehran Contemporary Art Museum Biannual Tehran, Iran‎ ‎1996
Tehran Contemporary Art Museum Biannual Tehran, Iran ‎1998
3rd Drawing Exhibition Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2000
4th Drawing Exhibition Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2001
Khavaran Art Center Exhibition Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2001
Honoring Professor Hamidi Exhibition, Varzesh Art Center, Tehran, Iran ‎‎2002
Yas Girls Exhibition, Tehran, Iran ‎2002
Support of Gazvin Earthquake Exhibition, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2002
6th Drawing Exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2002
Independent Painters of Iran exhibition Tehran, Iran ‎2003
SaadAbad Art Gallery Exhibition, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2003
Support of Bam Earthquake Exhibition, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2003
Nature Effect on Iranian Artists works Exhibition Tehran,Iran‎ ‎2003
5th Annual Tehran Art Galleries and Cultural Inheritance Exhibition, Baran Art Galley ‎Tehran, Iran ‎2004
Bahar Iran Exhibition, invitation of municipality of Paris, France‎ ‎2004
Honoring Jalil Ziyapoor Exhibition, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2005
Shagaghi Gallery exhibition Theran, Iran‎ ‎2005
Shirazi Gallery Exhibition, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2005
Islamic World Biannual Exhibition Tehran, Iran ‎2005
Niyavaran Arte center Exhibition Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2005
Afrand Art Gallery Exhibition Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2005
Laleh Gallery Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2005
Contemporary Art Museum Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2006
Workshop of Contemporary Art Museum Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2006
Exhibition in my gallery cite international des arts Paris, 2007
Participated at expo niyavaran art center, 2007
Participated at Iranian Spring Exhibition in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007
Participated in Imam Ali Museum Exhibition, 2007
Participated in The Big Sale of paintings and sculptures, Sadabad cultural historic complex, 2007
The 7th national biennual of iranian contemporary, Saba cultural & artistic institute, 2008
The great painting exhibition society of Iranian painters, 2008
Participated in the greatest art show of the year, haft negah group, Niavaran Art & Cultural Center, 2007-2008

Solo Exhibitions:  ‎

ASR Gallery, Tehran, Iran ‎1999
ASR Gallery, Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2000
Barg Gallery Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2001
Elahe Gallery Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2003
Aria Gallery Tehran, Iran‎ ‎2004

Artworks Archive:

Tehran municipality
Niyavaran Art center, Tehran
Tehran Museum of contemporary Art
Saatchi Gallery, England
Private Collectors

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